Business solutions for providers in health and social care


QC Compliance and Mock Inspections

CQC Inspections can be both time consuming and stressful. Knowing where you are against the regulations and Fundamental Standards can reduce the stress by allowing you to identify areas which need improvement or are not compliant. Once you have identified the areas that need improvement, you can take control by developing and implementing prioritised action plans. ASAS Business Solutions will support you through the whole process to ensure objectivity and timely delivery of the action plan/improvements. We have many years of experience working with CQC inspectors and managing CQC inspections from the providers perspective. We can also access colleagues who are ex CQC Inspectors who can provide further advice and support.

CQC Registration  and Interview Support

CQC Registration, whether for the Registered Manager, the Registered Provider and/or Location, can be a confusing and difficult process. ASAS Business Solutions has extensive experience of the CQC registration process and can guide and support you through this, including coaching the Manager, Nominated Individual or Registered Person prior to the CQC Interview.

Business start up

Setting up a new business can be a very confusing, and there are many areas to consider including: business planning, cash flow, regulatory compliance, policies and procedures etc. ASAS Business Solutions can provide guidance and coaching during the start up phase, help you to answer questions and find resources to support the early stages of your business journey. 

Business Development/Tender writing

Growing your business in a sustainable and planned way when you are stuck in the middle of operational delivery can be an almost impossible task. In addition, public tenders for NHS and Local Authority bodies is something most smaller providers have limited experience of and can be very daunting. ASAS Business Solutions has over 15 years experience of responding to both NHS and Local Authority tenders with an enviable track record of winning in this highly competitive market. We can support you through the PQQ (Pre Qualification Process) and ITT (Invitation to Tender), and help with editing and writing of Method Statements.

Contract management
Once the tender has been won there is the contract negotiation phase and then the contract management of the new service. Engaging with the NHS and/or Local Authority body can be daunting for a new or smaller providers. It is important to get in place the correct systems and processes to manage the new contract and to engage with the commissioners. Having support from an experienced senior manager can reduce the initial difficulties and help you through the set up phase of the contract.

Management Restructure/Change Management

The Health and Social Care sectors continue to go through rapid change, and our organisations and management teams need to keep pace to ensure regulatory compliance and to remain competitive within this difficult market place. We need to continuously review our cost base, management team strengths and weaknesses, and implement change to ensure we keep that competitive edge. ASAS Business Solutions can support you in reviewing your teams, looking at the best management structure and then supporting you through the difficult process of change management.

Development of Systems and Procedures

Monitoring, reviewing and trend analysis is key to ensuring a quality, effective and efficient service. CQC will be looking for continuous improvement and evidence of identifying any trends in complaints, safeguarding, health and safety incidents, infection control etc. They will expect positive action and action plans in place to remedy identified issues and for you to show continuous improvement of your services. ASAS Business Solutions can provide support in developing QA systems and analysing the data to support you to implement the required continuous improvement systems to ensure a quality service and to keep your customer satisfaction high.